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[27 Jun 2004|07:09pm]
Last night I saw Fahrinheit 9/11 with my family, and needless to say, it was amazing. Everyone has to see this movie. There is a ton of stuff you don't know that will shock you. On a lighter note, the Spider man 2 soundtrack is actually really good. And for $7 it's totally worth it.

P.S. I still have to see dodgeball, someone tell me if they want to go
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Random thoughts tend to be less random in this light... [14 Jun 2004|04:27pm]
Has anyone ever thought about life or existance? Well duh, I'm sure everyone has. But have you ever come to a realization?

To me, life seems to be a string of memories, the present tense never actually existing. One can be lost in a flurry of memories of the past. Wishing you could relive those lost moments, or possibly changed something that you regret doing, or not doing, however it may be. Or you can spend your time dreaming of the future. You can wish for things to happen a certain way or actually plan out realistic things. What I began to see is that happiness or pleasure can sometimes be an illusion. At all times you have to be feeling some sort of desire and pain. Even when you are enjoying something there is always that bit of knowledge in the back of your mind that this moment will end. And for that simple fact, you can not fully appriciate it. No matter what you do you can also always see that where you are now, is right now. And what happened to before? It's gone, because now it's now. Hard to explain but if you think about it, you can never really "cease the moment". I have tried, and before you realize, it's lost and gone. This doesn't mean that one should always be upset or anything, because you can still find pleasure, but at the cost of knowing it will not last forever. What you have to think about instead is that it's not gone forever either, "what once was lost, now is found". Life is just a cycle of emotions, nothing is forever gone. You will feel pain again, you will be upset, you will hate something, but you will also find joy, be loved, and have hope. If someone commits to giving up, then they are just trying to rid themselves of some of those options.

The world is all about balance. Everything has a purpose and it's actions are taken in order to balance out the actions of something else. Nearly all of these actions are done without thinking about the effect that they will be balancing out, but it does happen... in some small way. In a way though, we are balanced within our selves. When you feel happy you are pushing away sadness, and when you are tired, you are pushing away your consiousness. So when you sleep you are not using your sight so that gives way to your minds eye. I think I took a big leap there, but go along with me. When you are sleeping you are just seeing the thoughts you are having, and the strange thing is, you never stop thinking. You always have to have something in your mind to think about, something to sort of "obsess" on. Never is the mind quiet, and when we sleep we see these things become real. But when you dream you aren't really seeing them, so what is it? Exactly what it is when you are awake. Just a thought. No matter how detailed you think you can make something seem in your mind, it doesn't even exist. You can't actually see it anywhere. Alright, sorry I went way off track, and I'm done being weird for now.
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Hot damn [03 Jun 2004|10:50pm]
Well crap, it's been forever and a day. Lots been going on since I got out of school. Did better in spanish and financial accounting than I thought, which was nice. Summer has been pretty relaxing, especially since work hasn't quite started yet. Got a new computer because I was tired of my laptop acting up. Uhh, yeah, thats about it. If other stuff happens I'll be updating more often, otherwise it's back to the useless shit. Hope to start getting out and visiting with some people I haven't seen since summer or winter, or even a few that I haven't had the chance to meet yet. Till later...
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[23 Apr 2004|03:01am]
My savoir...
versi0ntwopoint0 (2:59:11 AM): well ahve fun doing that
versi0ntwopoint0 (2:59:19 AM): and sleep knowing i'm very jealous
versi0ntwopoint0 (2:59:32 AM): and slaving away
versi0ntwopoint0 (2:59:43 AM): but yeah, goodnight and talk to him
versi0ntwopoint0 (2:59:53 AM): xoxo

I haven't updated in forever because my laptop sucks. Last few weeks have been busy. I guess I'll make these more common when I get home which is in less than 20 days. Can't wait to see a whole shit load of people
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[09 Apr 2004|10:13pm]
Sorry I've been gone for a while but my laptop has been giving me trouble and I was busy up at school. I'm home for the weekend though and there are a few people I definatly have to see during my time here. IM me on AIM for my number or to set up some plans otherwise it's another motnh before I come home for summer break. I'm bored and could use some good entertainment. Thanks

p.s. any know if the new beautiful mistake cd is any good?
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[29 Mar 2004|12:44am]
My laptop is the biggest piece of shit. It overheats too easily now. It's getting worse and worse. Now if I run AIM, musicmatch and a website, it'll probably crash. Yay for me. "My American Heart" is awesome, check them out on purevolume.com
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[26 Mar 2004|05:21pm]
Just finished The Da Vinci Code and all I can say is wow. Despite it being widely popular, it was really good. I usually don't like books that get all that hype, because they just don't live up to expectation. How wrong I am. Over winter break I became a Harry Potter dork because those are some bad ass books. But this was also amazing. Not only was the story exciting but all of the history about the Church and all their lies was really interesting. It helps me fuel my hatred of the cultlike Catholic Church. Sorry if that strikes a cord with anyone. Nothing personal...
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[24 Mar 2004|02:22pm]
I want hair like theirs!
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[21 Mar 2004|03:11pm]
P.S. Cheese puff-balls are more addicting than any drug...
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[21 Mar 2004|03:10pm]
While reading The Da Vinci Code I've come to further my idea that Christianity is a cult and merely made up heaven and hell as ways to trick people into following their faith. Granted some of these theories were also helped along by The Jester. Two great books, though I'm not even a third of the way through Da Vinci, so far it is every bit as good as people have told me it was. And since I love almost everything James Patterson writes, the Jester was definatly a page turner. Oddly enough both have them have a lot of religious ideas and discussions hidden within the plot. Pretty good stuff. Next up on the agenda I have A Clockwork Orange, but thats only because I don't remember when I read it back in high school. I have to sit through a stupid 2 hour bartending course in less than an hour. Ugh, and I've done none of my work. Scrumtrulecent...
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[20 Mar 2004|10:13pm]
I want to grow my hair long, but I'm starting to think it just looked better up in the front. This is what I've sunk to talking about. Life has hit a flatline for now. School is going fine, I sitll don't care about my work but I seem to be doing fine and passing. Concerts are few and faw apart, something I'm sworn to change this summer. Hopefully with the help of some of you guys this summer I'll get back into the habit. Funny thing to talk about I guess is the campus saftey notes of this week inwhich a 40 something man was walking around campus with his pants down, masturbating and trying to talk to girls. So guys out there, if you think talking to girls is hard now, just wait till you get older. Makes me glad I'm single still*. Alright, time to go hit the gin bucket and drink myself into being attractive.

*Bold faced lie
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[16 Mar 2004|01:12pm]
Coming back from Jamaica I knew would be a little rough since I'd be going from 80+ weather to stuff in the high 40s and low 50s but when I'm back for two days and it drops below 30 and pounds us with snow, I'm a sort of in shock. We're getting like six inches. Damn you Father Winter.
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[15 Mar 2004|07:33pm]
Jamaica was absolutely insane. There was nonstop drinking and smoking and tons and tons of kids. The water was amazing and an inflateable iceberg with climbing walls in the water was the icing on the cake. I didn't take the advice of smarter people and drink enough (or any) water during the day and on my second to last night I drank so much vodka and then smoked myself retarded that I became so seriously dehydrated that I basically hallucinated my own death. I was freaking out for well over 24 hours and it took me a few days to recover and feel sane again. Bottom line on that is that I'm never smoking again and I'm not drinking for quite some time. Once you see infinity and think you understand the universe perfectly, drugs become obsolete. I never want to feel like that again, it was pure torture. But other than that the trip was tons of fun. Yeah, so I'm back at school and couldn't be happier. I need to go write a paper for tomorrow, but I'll try and update more with some stories or whatnot.

p.s. I'm so tan.
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[05 Mar 2004|11:52am]
So much stupid shit going on with this vacation. Changing times, trying to get home to pick stuff up, ugh. It better be worth it. See you in a week.
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[05 Mar 2004|02:17am]
The concert tonight was so great. I felt like a pop kid again, back in the days of being 15, but it was fucking fun. I saw Dynamite Boy (bleh, nothing special), Matchbook Romance (who was amazing live), Fall Out Boy (who I haven't listned to before 2 days ago), and Mest. And I woke up this morning not even knowing of this. Thank you Sue for forcing me to go. It was a whole lot of fun. This summer I'm definatly going to tons of shows.
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[04 Mar 2004|11:14am]
It was in the 50s for like a week, and now it's back in the 40s.
So, not cool.
Jamacia in like 3 days, then we'll be pulling 90s.
Hopefully I won't be killed by a local.

This wasn't a haiku.
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[01 Mar 2004|09:04pm]
Forget me, now it's over. Start over.
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[29 Feb 2004|03:27pm]
I need a really cool new belt or something, any ideas?
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[24 Feb 2004|09:19am]
I'm thinking of buying the following ep/cd's
-A thorn for every heart
-From First to Last
-All Rights Reserved
-Post Break Tragedy

Anyone let me know if they have these already and save me thirty three bucks?
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[22 Feb 2004|05:36pm]
My parents came up yesterday even though when I told my mom over the phone about my eyebrow ring she said that I was a disgrace and she didn't want to see me. I called my sister and she helped me out by talking some sense into my mother. My sister does really look out for me, and for that I love her. Damn the realizations you come to when you get older. So my parents really don't like it but they said just take it out before I come home again and they'll be fine. We'll see how that goes, apparently everyone says they're parents are initially against it but then they learn to deal with it. Hmm, not sure how mine will. We went shopping and I got some fun new stuff and food, which is always good for my room. Today I mainly just did research and a background paper for my management class and I need to study for my spanish midterm, ugh, I hate spanish so much.
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